Aksa Power Generation has signed a full franchise agreement with Sudanese companies Deeper and Rakeeza.

Aksa Sudan General Manager Murat Doran pointed out that serious works were carried out especially in mining regions in Sudan and said “We have a serious and sustainable business relationship with these regions that will contribute to the growth of Sudan”. Doran said that they continued to work through local companies and received good feedback, adding that Deeper and Rakeeza companies were given full authority in sales and marketing.

“This $8m agreement will contribute to the growth of trade volume between the two countries. Our investments in Sudan and Sudanese people will continue to increase.”

Solution to energy problems
Amru Ali El Madih, the General Manager of Deeper Generators said “We are happy to have signed a full franchise agreement with Aksa Power Generation. I hope that our cooperation will continue in order to find solutions to energy problems and to develop the country.” Avvad Muhyiddin, General Manager of Rakeeza Trade and Investment Company, also said that they are aiming for an agreement of approximately $14 million next year.